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"Employee Engagement and Employee Commitment Results With Continuing Education Units"


By Susan Jean Smith

Apr 21, 2023

"Provide Communication and Training for Avoidable Employee Obstacles"

Employee engagement is the involvement of employees carrying out business practices. However, employee commitment is the dedication to being driven to complete task. However, emotional commitment is included with employee engagement. Employee enagement matters to ovall employees purpose to work. Being positive, have a reason to be happy at work, and going above/beyond the call of duty is a part of postive mental outlook. This strengthens company culture.

So, how do you begin, as an employer, to enhance employee engagement? First, give employees tools that work well. These kind of tools may include several types of technology. Employee need training on using the technology that the company offers for them to use. It can be a communication tool or a mobile platform devise. Secondly, use quizzes and surveys to gather feedback from employees. Employee opinions need to count! Offer several techiques to answer quiz questions. This, in return helps employee to carry out business practices more successfully, because of employers can find out position gap analysis. Thirdly, it is important to communicate with employees with being open minded to including their ideas. Communicating with a trusted source, for a platform, is highly desirable. Fourthly, try using a point system for emplyees to gain points. Once way to do this is to offer a training video to watch, with a short list of questions. When employees answer the most questions correctly, then they can get a reward. Finally, try having employee meetings where everyone knows about the company goals and task at hand. The employees will also learn more about Continuing Education Units, long term benefits, and better customer service. Therefore, in return develop both employee engagement and employee commitment.

Employee satisfaction and educational growth can be recognized by organizations, schools, and companies as a priority. When everyone is working together, teamwork happens. Thus, happier and more knowledgeable employees will be ongoing. The employer' s part to make opportunities -for employee engagement and commitment a daily practice.

Providing Continuous Education Units is one of those opportunites for employees to excel at what they do. It is a means to provide employee engagement and employee commitment (Vatar, 2023).


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