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"Transform Organizational Goals to Include Continuing Education"


By Susan Jean Smith

Apr 21, 2023

"Continuing Education Units are the Answer to Society's Occupational Return on Investment"

As a society, improvements for efficiency can be made with evolving Continuing Education Units in the workplace. In today world, thousands of technology tools have laid the foundation for remote learning. Employee are gaining credit for remote learning by taking Continuing Education Unit accrediate courses. This option is in most places of work. Online Continuing Education Courses availability is assessible by using a personal computer, a tablet, or a cell phone. The courses are the avenue to life long learning. In addition, Continuing Education Units can be in a variety amount forms, including endorced coursework to workshops. It can happen at three different levels, including the personal level, the company level, and in lifelong learning. Continuing Education Units remain key factors to renewing vocational and professsional licenses. Most importantly, Continuing Education Units are emerging to be valuable for what is most current with recent developments.

Learn, Train , and Show Progress for a Culture of Continuing Education

Managers can be informative to their employees, to develp a deeper communication, of information priorities. As a result company culture can reflect a process of learning and training for positve partnerships. In doing so, employee feedback is essential to conviviality and positive company culture. Accomodating for Continuting Education Units produces professional achievement, increased participation, lower employee turnover, and higher incomes. The online course business held 20 million new student registrations in 2021. The new normal is that Millenials and Gen Z employees expect employers to include advancing learning opportunities, within company cultures.

Happy Employees Increase Engagement and Lower Turnover

Continuing Education Units are learning and development opportunities. By completing surveys, 3 million people have responded to saying that, opporunites to learn, are the second most compelling reason to educational immersoion. For companies, it cost money to loose employees with employee turnover. To avoid employee turnover, companies that include learning resources will have happier employees and affirmation of employer practices. Thus, overall the association of Continuing Education Units and employee particiaption helps employees with competence gaps. CEUs are the means to employee assurance of their own knowledge and competence. Education is the means for companies, organizations, and schools -to reduce expenses while providing a pathway to increase incomes.


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