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" When Visiting the IACET Website, Put a Word in the Search Tab"

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Susan Jean Smith

Apr 20, 2023

" Add the Word- Sports in Search Tab"

When I added the word "Sports," to the information TAB; I got a load of information that I was not expecting on the IACET Website. This is what came up.

1. My Steady Mind

2. Bringing the Competitive Mindset into the Classroom and Office

3. The March towards Accreditation

Tags: Accreditation, Accreditation Benefit, re-accreditation, Quality, Standards

4. Meet the Commissioner: Pete Knoetgen

Tags: A Closer Look, Meet the Commissioner

5. Most Unusual Accredited Provider: Canopy Growth Corporation

Tags: A Closer Look

6. Five Key Considerations to Selecting an Association LMS Company

Tags: Learning Management Systems, LMS

7. How to Form a Relationship with Your Coach

Therefore, I recommend to type in a subject area - word- within the search tab, on the IACET website. You may be able to see several connections to "what interest you most," with those who have sought accreditation with IACET. These are some amazing strories of CEU accreditation processess. I hope you enjoy the links and the stories.

-Susan Jean Smith, April 19, 2023


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