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"American Heart Association Offers Intelligo Professional Education CEUs"

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Susan Jean Smith

Apr 20, 2023

"Use My Libary at Intelligo"

The American Heart Association is offering anytime and anywhere online courses through a platform, " Intelligo." Intelligo Professional Education Hub™ is a digital education LMS that delivers quality training to improve patient care.

With this reciprocal online courses, the AHA is expanding beyond resuscitation, heart ,and stroke education. Intelligo is giving new kinds of detail, for on the job training, with using new Portfolios in Telehealth and Health Equity. With Intelligo, click on "Use My Library," to view courses. In addition, Health Living topics and Health topics are covered on the American Heart Association website.

The link were you may find the American Heart Association News is This website offers a variety of subject areas to explore for professional health care providers, as well as for the public. Keep up on the lastest news for the American Heart Association by viewing this important website.


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