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"International Accrediors for Continuing Education and Training Standard=ANSI/IACET Standard for CEU's..."

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Susan Jean Smith

Apr 14, 2023

Viewing the Main Standard for Measuring All Aspects of a CE/T Provider's Program

Professional Learning Standards for Lifelong Learning

There are nine international recognized categories for the ASI/IASET Standard, considering Contiuning Education Units. An overall research process with nationwide network of experts, the organziation - International Accreditors for Continutiing Education and Training uses the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard. This organization helps companies, associations, training centers, and goverment agencies be accredited for their training practices. The ANCI/ Standard views on how training programs are developed and not as much of what is included with the training sessions. The practices are used accross disciplines and corporate businesses. There are nine international recognized classifications. These topics provide structure for organizational accrediation:

  1. Organization, Control, and Responsibility,

  2. Support Systems and Envirnoment for Learning,

  3. Talents of planning and instructional personnel,

  4. Gap Analysis,

  5. Learning Outcomes,

  6. Requirements for Course Content,

  7. Assessments,

  8. Recordkeeping for Learner's Merits of Awarding IACET CEUs; and

  9. Appraisal of Workshops/ Online Learning Events.

Reviewing and making improvements for orgainzational training and education is the key to producing quality programs that in return meet trainees' estential requirements to be certifide The standard ASI/ICSET sets the achievement levels for the competative business marks for quality assurance. Communitcation with employers, licensing agencies, educational institutions, and testing standard organizations- has the highest expectaions for application in accrediation. IACET( Internationsl Accrditors for Contiuning Education and Training) has educational administration programs and is located is Sterling, Virginia USA. In 2006,IACET was recognized as an ANSI-Accredited standards organization. IACET has a council and provides techiniques for quality improvement, questions from users, and replys to request for consistent and fair practices. There are Applicaton processess, Accrediation Worksips, and Certified Learning Sessions for providers to participate in on the IACET website ( . Here is a diagram of the ANSI/IACET Standard relationship to the ADDIE MODLE, which is an instructioanl design model to provide structure to designing courses for occupational accreditation.

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