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"Common Continuing Educaton Requirements for Various Indiana Occupations"

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

April 18th, 2023

by Susan Jean Smith

Review the Common Occupations that Require Continuning Edcuation Units

Many occupations required to have Continuing Education Units completed within a certain time frame. Here is an overview of some of these CEU requirements for some of occupations.

  • Doctors or Physicans - This varies by state. However, commonly doctors need 12-50 CEU credits a year.

  • Nurses- This varies by state. However, in Indiana, there is no CEU requirement for LPN or RN license. Nurses can renew their license online.

  • Lawyers- Lawyers are require to complete what is called."Continuting Legal Education." Whether you are admitted by exam in spring or fall, you must complete the 6-hour applied professionalism course after January 1 of the next calendar year and by December 31 of the third year thereafter. The Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education ask attorneys to complete 36 credits, including ethic course hours of 3 credits by December 21 every three years (Office of Admission and Continuing Education, 2022).

  • Teachers- Teachers in Indiana need to completing six (6) semester hours of approved college courses or gain 90 Professional Growth Points between the the orginial license date, and the time at which the license is renewed. The 90 Professional Growth Points system has a six year cycle. Therefore, as an instructional designer- you may have opportunities to create college courses that qualify for being CEU courses for teacher license renewal ( Professional Learning Board, 2022).

  • Accountants- Basically, the common requirements are to complete 120 hours every 3 years or 80 hours in a two year time frame. Several states have an ethics requirement, around 4 to 6 hours( Top Accounting Degrees, 2022).

  • Hair Stylist- This varies by state. In Indiana, there are 52 weeks scheduled and 1500 hous of Cosmetolgy School that are needed before taking the Cosmetology Licensing Exam. Several states do require CEU courses to be taken. However, in Indiana there is no CEU requirement. Indiana Cosmetology licenses expire on August 1st every four years. Barber license expire on September 1st every four years. If your license expires for more than three years, you must take the practical exam to be re-licensed (Professional Salon Concepts, 2022).

  • Architects- All architects and landscapte architects are required to get Continuing Edcucation Units for licensig renewal. Each Architect or landscape archietect are mandated to obtain twenty-four hours of continuting education every other year. Technical and professional topics must be included in sixteen of the 24 hours achieved. Subjects within those sixteen hours must include topics about public health, public welfare, and public safetly. First time license renewal applicates are not required to add continuing education for the first renewal (Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, 2022).

  • Pharmacist- Pharmactist are required to obtain 30 contact hours every two years. Pharmacists who handle tobacco cessation products must finish CEU credits,related to tobacco halting counseling courses, every two years, as well.

  • Other occupations that may require Continuting Education Units can be and are not limited to the following: pilots, engineers, tailored health professionals, and program managers.

When pursing a career, it is also important to check out the Continuing Education Units requirement which will be needed.

Instructional Designers who want to be CEU course creators, need to be in compliance with individual Continuing Edcuation Unit requirements, for each state in the United States. Not all states have the same CEU requirements. In addition, it is important to speak with different individuals of the CEU courses, to discover more information about certain occupations. Research and double check to make sure the training modules meet CEU criteria and accrediation requirements.

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