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"As a Provider, Begin to Start and Coordinate a Continuing Education Program"

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

April 18, 2023

By Susan Jean Smith-

Use the Resources Available to You!

As a Human Resource profession, it is good to keep the communication open door open for suggestions for your organizational training programs. In addition, it is good for experience workers or educators to be mentors for the Gen Xers and millennials. What may be first important to do is to establish a formal program of acheivement. For successful programming, it is important to realize that true success is a matter of people training people. To iniitate a training program, start with some key guidelines.

  1. Discover Needs

The needs of those who are involved. Therefore, take some suggested steps to Continuing Education Unit development. Remember accredition is a matter of organizational set up and the categories involved.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind. Step 4 includes "Learning and Planning." Therefore, be involved with the needs of the participants. Be sure to keep records of the information that you gather. Solutions will be developed for job skill development and the suggestions of certain occupational contributors.

Make your employee events about of learning what to include for your programming to:

  • Make a checklist of the degrees and certificates that your employees have currently,

  • Ask learners what they think their educational needs are,

  • Ask management what they see as current program needs,

  • Ask associates, including peers and customers, what job task should be included with employee training needs,

  • Develop a good pre-practice test for employees to take; and

  • Improve performance appraisal forms for objectives to match both assessments and evaluations.

Start to find a good template to use for recordkeeping. The template needs to be good for measuring benchmarks. In addition, think of how many people will particiapte. Thirdly, what type of results are you trying to achieve? Will these results affirm the training offered, for the course information, that has been provided previously?

2. Determine the Information of the Training Sessions

For professional key points, keep professionals in the loop for knowledge building. Try to plan for one hour of an event or review to let degree or certificate holders review those professional key points. How will these key points help your organization pass an upcoming inspection? How will these key points help your organization, accomplish the objective that meet accredition objectives? Then, match what is needed to determin the information of the Training Sessions. If you schedule one hour a week, then there will be 52 hours in a year. Remember ten hours of participation can equal 1 hour of Continuting Education Unit. Be a vital source of information for those who are required to complete CEUs for licensing.

3. Include Any Training at the Local, State, and Federal Levels

All tiers of management can can assistance from having training programs. First level supervisors especially need added support. Keep in mind that the requirements are set for who and what occupations need to obtain Continuting Education Units. It is your job to make sure the courses that are created, whether you are a human resource professional or an instructional designer- follow the ANSI/ IACET Standard for accrediation.

4. Follow the ANSI/IACET Standard for Your Contintuing Education Unit Program Accediation by .....

  • Develop a good plan for your Continuing Education and Training Organization,

  • Maintain resposibility and control of your organizational training needs,

  • Develop a good place to be for workers to have a good learning environment support interaction,

  • Making learning practices appliable to the workplace and organization,

  • Plan events and post news updates that are helpful to those who need to particapate in Contiuning Education Units,

  • Monitor learning outcomes as learning events take place,

  • Get and use qualified planning and instructional personnel to develop training aspects for Continuing Education Unit accrediation,

  • Use proper content and instructional methods to develop CEU courses,

  • Make sure to investigate adequate assessments of learning outcomes,

  • Award accredited CEUs and maintain records; and

  • Develop a good program evaluation.

5. Apply for Program Accrediation with IACET.


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