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"When I called IACET, I Got an Answer Immediately."

April 19, 2023

By Susan Jean Smith

When I called IACET, immediately Randy Bowman was on the phone to answer my questions. Mr. Bowman followed up and sent an email immediately. Boy, I was impressed that Randy Bowman wanted to help me. Then when I went to "The Ultimate Guide to Continuing Education/ Beacon Live website, I found this to be one of the most useful websites about continuing education. Amazingly, I found a quote about this organization, Beacon/Live on their website by Randy Bowman. I just wanted to share this with you.

"I really felt like I didn't just have a vendor, I had a friend, I had a partner who wanted to see me succeed and wanted to succeed along with me. You don't get that a lot in this world, but you get it with BeaconLive."

Randy Bowman VP Technology, IACET

We all need a friend and a partner for being a sucessful Instructional Designer of CEU courses. I feel like I have found Randy Bowman to help me succeed. In addition, I do have a access to a special website, Beacon Live, as Randy suggested. Here is the link to the website.

This is the Ultimate Guide to Continuing Education. I hope that you will visit this site and discover some of features that are important to you, as an instructional designer.

On this website, you will find solutions to the other needed parts of designing you CEU Course. Those special topics include the following.

A CE Platform Customized To Your Needs

  • Earn Accreditation

  • Provide Webinars & Online CE Events

  • Develop Your CE Catalog

  • Learn How to Automate CE Credits & Certificate Delivery

  • Discover How to Track CE Credits, Expirations & Requirements Beacon Live's platform enables providers and users- to track earned and required CE credits and certificates through online platforms. Our integration with MicronCE allows for set workflows, data recordkeeping and one-time data entry.

These tools are available for your organizational needs to imporve the presentation of your CEU course. On the BeaconLive website, there are organizational testimonies of satisfied customers. Here is the link to this website.

I just want to share with you a video starting with what Randy Bowman says about how the organization, Beacon/ Live is helpful. Here is the link to this video.

You may contact IACET in the following ways.

International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) 21670 Ridgetop Circle Suite 170 Sterling, VA 20166

Phone and Fax

Phone: +1 (703) 763-0705 Fax: +1 (703) 738-7194

Thank you for viewing my seven blogs about the following:

Continuing Education Units, the International Accreditor for Continuing Education & Training, Instructional Designers and CEU course creation, the American National Standards Institute, and the BeaconLive Website. If you have any questions, please email me at .

- Susan Jean Smith


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