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April 15, 2023- "Gaining Accreditation Qualifies a Particular Occupational Performance"

Welcome to My Blog in 2023!

Susan Jean Smith,

Graduate Student at Purdue University,

Instructional Design and Technology

Objective of the Blog- "International leaders of educational organizations, training centers, goverment institutes, and higher education will attribute subject specific skills, techniques, methods in gaining CEU accreditation, and strive to meet the requirements for their training programs for Continuing Education Units."

There are opportunities for Learning More..... by investigating the " International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training ( IACET)," requirements and resources.


"Let's Make a Connection that Counts for Your Training Programs"

Susan Jean Smith- "As a lifetime learner, I have been to vocational school and colleges. I have worked in occupations striving to make improvements for a better tomorrow. Most of the time, I have had to take Continuing Education Units or CEUs to maintain an occupational status or professional license. Therefore, like many of you, I have wanted to connect to the source of what all the CEUs mean- in this world. Let us connect to the source of accreditation for Continuing Education Courses, the " International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training," that is located in Sterling Virginia USA. I invite you to come along with me in discovering the details about what instructional designers and your organization should know. Let us discover together, about meeting the standards of accrediation, for Continuing Education Courses."

Susan Jean Smith's Professional Experience

I have gone to college or vocational school about 6 times. In addition, I have worked in a variety of healthcare settings for 9 years. I have spent time in an educational setting for 12 years, as well.

I received my B. S. Degree in 2005. I started out as Operations Manager for KinderVision. I have helped plan over 250 National Events and worked with CBS Television from 2006 to 2010 for children in the United States.

In 2013, I worked at Crossroads Community Church in their after-school program, for Kindergarten thru 2nd graders. In addition, since 2013, I have been appointed to be on the Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services Commission for people who have disabilities in Indiana. In 2015, I started working for AYS. Currently, I am an online tutor with Education Tutorial Services and I am an insurance agent.

I am interested in Marketing and reaching out to people, as well. I have attended marketing school to be better informed about sales techniques. I have proven to be an effective sales agent with insurance. I have had a 35% effective rate with close /won conversion rates in 2019. I was awarded top sales awards for 2019/2020 SEP, 2020 AEP, SEP 2021, and AEP 2022 Duel Sales , and 2023 AEP by my Agent Manager.

Since May of 2021, I have taken the following courses for Instructional Design & Technology Graduate School.

1) Learning Design and Technology,

2) Learning Systems Design,

3) Intro to Demonstrating Professional Competency in Design,

4) Strategic Assessment and Evaluation,

5) Advance Design,

6)Learning Theories and Instructional Design,

7) Educational Applications of Multimedia,

8) Demonstrating Professional Competency in Learning Design and Technology,

9) Human Performance Technology; and

10) Introduction to E-Learning.

I have attended Time to Teach National Training, for Teacher Effectiveness. I am continuing to train with better teaching motivational skills, as an Educational Advocate.

In 2021 and 2022, I was published in the Top 100 Educators Second Quarter Magazine. In addition, there is a press release about me for Marquis Who’s Who that was published on November 16, 2020. Just Google Susan Jean Smith, Denver, Indiana.

Where I Have Had to Obtain "CEUs," to Maintain My Occupational Status or License

Insurance License

License Sales Representive for Health InsuranceLicense Sales Representive for Health Insurance

UnitedHealth Group · ContractUnitedHealth Group · ContractFeb 2018 - Present · 5 yrs 3 mos Feb 2018 - Present · 5 yrs 3 mosNorth Central Indiana · Hybrid


Teacher's License

Teaching TutorTeaching Tutor

Educational Tutorial ServicesEducational Tutorial ServicesNov 2018 - Present · 4 yrs 6 mosNov 2018 - Present · 4 yrs 6 mosGreater Pittsburgh Area

Program Assistant and Substitute TeacherProgram Assistant and Substitute Teacher

AYS Inc AYS IncSep 2015 - Oct 2017 · 2 yrs 2 mosSep 2015 - Oct 2017 · 2 yrs 2 mosHinkle Creek and Noble Crossing Elementary Schools, Noblesville, IN


Activity Director Certification

Activity DirectorActivity Director

Aperion CareAperion Care Jun 2014 - Sep 2015 · 1 yr 4 mosJun 2014 - Sep 2015 · 1 yr 4 mosKokomo, IN

My Story Matters and Your Accreditation Counts

April 15, 2023

Opportunites arise and promotions happen when professionals gain continuting education that is accredited. In my life, I could prove my credibility by obtaining Continuing Education Units, for the positions I have had.

The first step is to review what others have written about CEUs accrediation. Here is an example by:

Thomas Broderick, February 16, 2021.

"What Is IACET?

The organization that became IACET developed the first CEU in 1970. Today, the organization certifies only the best CEUs by evaluating learning outcomes, content, and instructional requirements.

Schools, agencies, and organizations can partner with IACET to provide CEUs. Each year, member organizations submit paperwork to show that their CEUs maintain the same high standards. Failure to recertify can invalidate one or more CEUs.

Professionals can search IACET's website to determine whether their employer requires IACET-certified CEUs. Readers should keep in mind that although IACET is a world leader in CEU certification, other reputable certification organizations also exist (Broderick , 2021)."

The second step is to just stick with me, and click on all the tabs of this website that includes several tabs, a blog, and podcast. Thank you for joining me with discovering

" What I Can Do with Gaining Accredited CEUs."


Guide to continuing education units: BestColleges. (n.d.). Retrieved April 15, 2023, from

Please take time to email at

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